1. You may reference on the following instructions to get an approximate ring size that fits.

2. Through using a rope, wrap around the area where you would like the jewelry to set on. Then use the circumference and reference on the scale chat we have provided below to figure out the size that fits. Alternatively, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of an existing ring you have to get a good approximate of the size you want. 

3. The optimal ring size should rest nicely on your finger, neither too tight or loose. Beware however on the knuckle area as every wearer is unique and some people might have a larger knuckle in which the ring might not fit though. ( In these cases, you might need a slightly bigger ring size to avoid any uncomfortable feeling on putting it on and removing the jewelry piece on a day basis.

4. We would recommend you to measure the ring size several times to minimize the change of mis-measurement. It is recommended to utilize the largest reading so as to leave some space for future amendments if needed.



Ring sizes are measured differently worldwide, you may reference to the below table to get a good approximation on the most commonly used ring sizes in the table below.


* When you have the opportunity to visit a store, you'll be able to confirm your ring size with one of our sales advisors.