Provide us you design stretch or ideas

Our designing crew are here to help materialize your story, fine tuning your ideas into reality. We will liaise with you on the precious material(s) of your choice, the type of stone, diamond or gem to be incorporated in your design. 

Consolidating your input for finalization

Considering the practicality, our designers will inject your ideas and concepts into the jewelry to be created. Before initiating production, we will present the blueprint so you could visualize the product design and discussed layout. We are happy to facilitate further fine tuning and adjustments where necessary.

Bringing your customized design to life

Once we have your confirmation, your design will be on the way for production. Depending on the complexity of the design, this process will take around 6-8 weeks. As part of our commitment to provide only the best available quality for your satisfaction, our end-to-end production of your jewelry will be carefully monitored and reviewed by our 00SS certified professionals.

Delivering your exclusive masterpiece 

Our sales team will reach out to you for an appointment at our store to deliver and walk you through every details of your jewelry. If necessary, we are always happy to conduct minor adjustments for the jewelry to fit the final user. All product sold by us is eligible for our exclusive warranty protections. As part of our after-sales services, we will also provide a wiping cloth, product maintenance leaflet and a warranty card in case we can be of further assistance.

00SS Capturing your valuable idea/moment into long-lasting memories

Through our customize jewelry service, our carefully selected team of professionals are here to ensure each customized jewelry being made could capture the designer’s idea, to accompany the wearer at the precise occasion. 

For more detailed information, you could visit our website or simply give us a message directly.